I’m so tired

I’m so tired,

Of faking a smile;

Putting on a mask,

It works for awhile.


I’m so tired,

Of saying that I’m fine;

Feelings in my heart,

I’m unable to define.


I’m so tired,

Of ache in my heart;

Hiding deep within,

It will never depart.


I’m so tired,

Of infinite sadness;

Feels like walking through,

The maze of madness.


I’m so tired,

Of getting false hope;

Draining me completely,

No longer can I cope.


I’m so tired,

Of being a fuck-up;

Misunderstood all my life,

They call me stuck-up.


I’m so tired,

Of constantly trying;

Yet failing miserably,

The spirit is dying.


I’m just so tired,

I can’t get up;

Just want to sleep,

And never wake up.


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