Quote: Nietzsche

if you refuse to let your own suffering lie upon you for an hour and if you constantly try to prevent and forestall all possible stress way ahead of time; if you experience suffering and displeasure as evil, hateful, worthy of annihilation, and as a defect of existence, then it is clear that besides your religion of pity you also harbor another religion in your heart that is perhaps the mother of the religion of pity:  the religion of comfortableness.  How little you know of human happiness, you comfortable and benevolent people, for happiness and unhappiness are sisters and even twins that either grow up together or, as in your case, remain small together.

Friedrich Nietzsche


One thought on “Quote: Nietzsche

  1. With God’s help I have suffered less in the past six years. I have not been without suffering but because I seek guidance and when I fail am still ok. Years ago when I attempted to understand alone, then my pattern was up and down . . .a mental wreck. Pain and happiness are siblings, but with God we can break the grip of suffering. The direct relation becomes less and less so.


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