Battered and bruised, yet

Retrieving myself again

Progress is inchoate.


Self Doubt

Self doubt is bringing me down
Each step that I take.

Don’t know who I am,
Or who I want to be
Don’t know what to do,
Or what I should be.

What’s good from bad?
I fail to grasp.
Path right from wrong,
I fail to pick.

Doubting my own thoughts,
I’m in it for the long haul.

Note to younger self

You always thought growing up would be awesome. Well, you’re wrong. Trust me, growing up is one of the most painful things any of us has to do. Looking back to my younger years, I am astounded at how life has turned out.

Enjoy your childhood for it will grant you with the memories that you will later in life look back and realize those were the good ol’ days. Don’t fret over small things. The world is a terrifying place so buckle up because you’re in for one hell of a ride. You will experience a great deal, some bad other worse but will endure and flourish. You will not always remain the diffident and anxious little boy you are now. Despite how insecure you feel about your looks, there will come a time when someone will come into your life and love you for who you are. That someone will eliminate all of your insecurities and will make you appreciate your life. You might consider solitude to be your fortress but you will also revel in being cordial. You might listen to The Sound of Silence and regard it as the song written specially for you but you can by no means remove the longing to dance when you hear Louis Armstrong’s La Vie En Rose with the love of your life.

It has been a bumpy ride so far and yet there’s still so much to go. But now I am mature enough to realize that these experiences is what made me what I am today. So don’t worry. Everything’s going to be all right. Always be humble. Don’t forget your roots and don’t compromise your values and ethics. And one more thing, Smile a bit more.